Sorry Baaaarack. We’re Not Sheep.

The President quipped last week that part of the reason why his stimulus plan didn’t work was “the shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as we thought.”    Since Obama has no business experience and hasn’t ever created a free market job, he’s totally befuddled why none of his economic plans are working.   Even the President knows we are slipping into a double dip recession.    He’s doing his best to still blame George Bush but even Debbie Wasserman Schultz admitted that the Democrats now own the economy.

The root causes of the economy continuing to swoon are the Progressive and Keynesian policies that Obama has implemented in the last two and a half years.   Poor Barack.  He doesn’t even realize that he sabotaged his own re-election.   He took all the liberal economic classes in college, and he listened to all of his leftist professors and mentors.   He believes the ruling class in the government should be able to dictate a recovery through amping up government spending and implementing regulations that will force business and consumer behavior into triggering an economic recovery.  Obama believes if the peasants would just do what the ruling class says to do, we’ll be just fine.

Sorry Baaaarack.  We’re not sheep.   That’s why Liberal government policies and Keynesian economics don’t work.  Progressive expect the working class to follow orders from the bureaucrats and to behave the way the Liberal rules and regulations dictate.   In fact, the Progressive policies are dependent upon people not adapting their behavior to work around the rules to pursue their own self-interest in spite of the new government dictates and regulations.  If the working class isn’t willing to be dependent upon the government, Liberalism fails.   Why else do Liberals enact policies which force people to take government entitlements?  The challenge to Progressives is that individuals and businesses in our capitalistic society have internal instincts which are nurtured at an early age.  Self-sufficiency, independence, and individualism are the enemies of Progressive policies.   Survive…  Innovate…  Grow… Those instincts are all reinforced by the other lesson learned by everyone who has worked in a for profit business.  That lesson is that long-term success in business is dependent upon keeping your business out of a position where you are dependent on the “good will” of some government bureaucrat.   That lesson is summarized by a quote from President Reagan: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

Sure some businesses fall in line with the Liberal mantra.  Those businesses decide to focus on sucking on the government teat rather than doing the hard work of creating real products and services that the market demands.  The suckling businesses really become an extension of the government bureaucracy and ultimately can’t function without bailouts and kickbacks from the bureaucrats.  In exchange, the bureaucrats  begin to make dictates about the operations of the businesses.  (for instance GM and the Chevy Volt).   Over time, those businesses surviving off the government teat eventually fail because they there are dependent upon doing what the bureaucrats want them to do (in exchange for more bailouts, kickbacks and special treatment) and are no longer are responsive to the real consumers in the free market.

What further confused Obama is that some people still agree with him in spite of the continued failure of Progressive and Keynesian policies.  But Obama is misinterpreting the reinforcement of his policies by his far Left supporters as support by the people who actually make the economy work.   Obama’s supporters represent the most highly educated people in the country and the least educated people.   Thus Barack’s supporters mirror the Liberal dream:  The smart, elite ruling class taking care of the uneducated people who are willing to exchange their freedoms for the promise of their government big brother taking care of them.  Of course neither the elite ruling class nor the dependent class start businesses, generate free market jobs, or create products and services people are willing to spend their own money to purchase.   The other segment that has supported Obama is the young adults, mostly college students.   But again, many of the young adults haven’t had experience with what actually drives decision-making by the end consumer in a free market.  Most of them haven’t been accountable for earning their own money and paying all their own bills long enough to see how detrimental government manipulation is to self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  As the young adults gain more business experience, get married, have kids and pay on a mortgage, they grow more and more conservative in their thinking.  You can tell how out of touch the Obama Administration is with the real economy when you see that only 8% of his administration has ever worked in a private sector job.

Assuming the Liberals think we are sheep is actually being quite generous.   Actually Progressive policies are much more akin to economic slavery.   Progressives are slave masters buying their slaves with other people’s money.   Through the Left’s entitlement programs and policies, they are convincing people to give up their individual liberty and freedoms in exchange for a little food and shelter.   Consciously or not, the people who are willing to give up their self-worth and rights in exchange for dependence on government handouts are accepting the change of their status from citizens to slaves.

In the end slavery does not ever work out well for the slave, but it’s a great situation for the slave master.    And of course the Progressives like their model, because they get to be the masters.  As the wise all-knowing masters, they are able to use other people’s money (taxes) to enslave the peasants (the rest of us) to act in the way the Progressives see fit.

The real path to job creation and sustainable economic growth is the free market operating without any government manipulation.   It will be individuals acting in their families’ own best interest who will be the people who actually get our economy back on track.  It is also these same people, not the government, who will be the ones who will take care of those who truly can’t take care of themselves.   It is the independent, self-sufficient individuals in society who out of the goodness of their hearts actually donate their own money to take care of the poor and disadvantaged.   Studies have shown that Democrats, even very affluent Democrats, give a much smaller percentage of their income to charities than Conservatives do.  If you have any doubt, look at the tax returns of Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Joe Biden before they started to run for high-profile offices.  They were quite wealthy and yet donated almost nothing to charitable causes.  It’s is quite clear from their behavior that they didn’t feel any personal responsibility to take care of the weak and poor.   They didn’t think that was their job; taking care of the downtrodden was the responsibility of some faceless bureaucrat.

When people actually realize that the Progressive policies are just institutionalized slavery, they will jump out of the Liberal pen to regain their freedom.  This happened in droves during the Reagan Revolution in the early 1980’s.   During that sea change, huge numbers of Democrats changed parties to become Republicans because they realized that the Democratic Party had left them.    And just like in the Reagan Revolution, the mass party change that is on the verge of happening will be a permanent shift of a whole voting bloc toward the Conservatives.   And guess what Baaaaarack?  They aren’t coming baaaaack.

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4 Responses to Sorry Baaaarack. We’re Not Sheep.

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  2. David J. Fontaine says:

    Sorry! But it would appear that the majority of registered actual voters are, in fact, sheep being led to the slaughter by President Obama and liberal Democrats. Recent political polls show that, at a minimum, 48% of American voters would vote to re-elect President Obama in 2012. But, then again, for the most part, these individuals are ‘political illerates’ who spend most of their time keeping up with more important issues such as ‘who will be the next winner of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars’. For the millions of these TV viewers, the only source of political information they turn to in order to make informed decisions pertaining to which political candidate to vote for in the 2012 Presidential Election is the ‘nanny state liberal media (i.e., NBC MSNNBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN) whose so-called unbiased news journalists and commentators tell them who they should vote for.

    • Mr. Fontaine, I am hoping you are incorrect … that in fact, the majority of registered voters had, until now, simply lost interest or trusted that the government was doing what we wanted it to do. I am hoping that they – we are now awakening to the nightmare of what has become of our government and will engage actively to reclaim our freedoms and restore integrity to Washington. Am I delusional? Maybe, but nevertheless … that is where my energy goes! 🙂

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