If You Want To Solve Unemployment, Fire Obama.

If you have any doubt that government regulations discourage the growth of business and the creation of new jobs, go no further than looking at how the government treats employers who want to expand their operations.   Case in point, Boeing has been blocked by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from expanding Boeing’s operations in South Carolina because Carolina is a right to work state.  So far Boeing has created over 1,000 jobs in South Carolina.   However the Obama Administration has blocked Boeing from adding thousands of additional jobs because the liberals want to force Boeing to expand their operations in Washington State which is not a right to work state.

To understand the root of the matter, first let’s discuss what the “right to work” is.  Currently 22 States have right to work laws.  Right to work laws protect the workers right to have control over the relationship they have with their employer and whether the worker must pay dues to a third-party in order to have a specific job.    Right to work laws guarantee both a worker’s a right to join a union and pay dues and a worker’s right to  chose to not join a union and subsequently not pay dues.  These rights prevent a worker from being forced to join a union and pay dues in order to be employed at a company that has a union.  Sounds like a pretty fundamental right, huh?

The Obama Administration disagrees.   The NLRB filed a complaint on behalf of the International Association of Machinists Union which if successful would force Boeing to move their Carolina operations to Washington.   Certainly selecting a location for a business operation is a significant and critical decision.   Who is more qualified to decide where a company creates and expands operations … the company or a government bureaucrat?   With the Obama Administration’s lack of experience and track  record of incompetence in making business decisions (like losing half a billion in taxpayer money in the failed “green” solar company Solyndra), they really ought to leave this decision to the business leaders at Boeing.

This move by the Obama Administration to block Boeing is as un-American as it is unprecedented.   So why is Obama willing to do it?  As always, it has to do with money.  Of course the Left and Unions are constant bedfellows.  Unions are among the biggest supporters of Obama and liberal politicians in general.   However the money trail is a little more complicated than simply having Obama pay back the Union’s campaign contributions with federal government intervention on behalf of the Unions.  It really comes down to the Union dues.  If the Obama Administration can force more workers into Unions and into paying dues to the Unions, Obama is directly impacting the amount of money that the Unions can pay into the Democratic Campaign coffers.   Thus by  forcing businesses to expand in States that have denied their workers’ right to work, Obama effectively is his own campaign donation bundler who can directly impact the funds coming into his Campaign.   Similarly you’ll notice that the Obama Administration funneled most of their $787 Billion in Stimulus Program funds into Union run operations for much the same reason.  Yes, stimulus dollars funneled through the Unions and back into the Obama Campaign.    After all, Obama is trying to raise a billion dollars to run for his second term.

So Obama isn’t really trying to create new jobs, and the only job he is trying to save is his own.   The Obama Administration’s decisions like blocking the creation of new jobs in South Carolina clearly discourages Boeing and other corporations from expanding operations while Obama is in office.   So the bumper sticker you’ve seen is right.  A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job, and a recovery is when Obama loses his.    For all the unemployed workers in America, 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

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  1. Oscar Rodriguez says:


    Keep them coming…a good read AND insightful.


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