Obamacare – 8 Metrics They Don’t Want You to Know

When you examine Obamacare in detail, you find that the facts of the legislation contradict most of the selling points that the Liberals used as their basis for voting for the bill.

#1 – 18 Million People Added to Medicare while Cutting $500 Billion from the Program

Obamacare claims to cover 34 million new individuals with insurance.  The primary approach that the legislation uses to cover the uninsured is to expand the number of people under Medicare.   Yes, Medicare.  The same Medicare that was already scheduled to go bankrupt by 2017 before Obamacare passed.   The new legislation will add 18 million people to Medicare while reducing funding for Medicare by $500 billion.  Thus there is no choice but to reduce benefits to the existing Medicare recipients.  Given that more than half of the doctors in the United States do not accept Medicare, the further constraint of doctor availability will be another form of institutionalized rationing.

#2 – 17.1 Million Individuals with Private Insurance Will Lose Their Existing Coverage

Although more people are covered under Obamacare, the plan also causes a major redistribution of how individuals are covered for health care.  1.4 million citizens will lose their employer sponsored coverage and 15.7 will lose their other private coverage while they are shifted to either Medicare, “exchanges” under the plan, or will become uninsured.  Yes about 1 million individuals with insurance today will become uninsured and have no coverage under Obamacare.   So the economics of Obamacare will cause at least 17.1 million Americans to lose their existing coverage under Obamacare although the President assured us all that we would be able to keep our existing plans.

#3 – $502 Billion in Additional Taxes

I thought the President said that he wasn’t raising taxes on the majority of Americans?  Well under Obamacare, that is another falsehood.   Between 2010 and 2019, Obama is raising taxes by $502 Billion to cover his new plan.  These taxes come from the Health Insurance Mandates, the Hospital Insurance tax and 15 other additional taxes and mandates under the plan.

#4 – 2700 Pages of Bureaucracy

The legislation is one the largest and most unwieldy pieces of legislation in history.  No wonder  Nancy Pelosi said we need to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.  Just as a comparison, President Clinton’s Healthcare Bill from 1994 was half the size of Obamacare.  The bill that established the whole Social Security Administration in 1935 was 64 pages.

#5 – Adding to the Budget Deficit Rather Than Cutting $124 Billion

Proponents of Obamacare claim the plan is cutting the budget deficit by $124 Billion.  Even the Congressional Budget Office and Senate Budget Committee have revealed the facts and this isn’t true.  The plan double counts savings in many areas that cause Obamacare to be a large addition to the Deficit.  Obamacare double counts savings of $529 Billion in Medicare cuts, $70 Billion in the CLASS system, and $29 Billion in savings in Social Security Taxes.  In addition, the plan counts on saving $283 Billion in the “Doc Fix” provision that isn’t paid for and increases discretionary spending by $115 Billion.   Actually the Deficit will balloon under Obamacare just as it has during the President’s first two years in office.

#6 – Obamacare Gives the Government Control Over 50% of the Health Care System

By 2013, Obamacare will create an infrastructure that gives the Government control over half of the healthcare in America.  By 2018, the Government will be in control of over 53% of all health care.  That curve continues to scale up over time.   So to claim that Obamacare isn’t Government controlled health care when it gives the Government control over half of the system is simply a lie.

#7 – 28 States Filing Suit

Over half of the States are filing suit against the Federal Government challenging the constitutionality of the Individual Mandate which forces citizens to purchase insurance.  These States include 164 million citizens who make up 53 percent of  the U.S.  population while encompassing 285 of the Electoral College votes.  Of course this suit will eventually be settled by the Supreme Court.  Many people feel that the Supreme Court ruling will be a close due to the swing vote of Justice Kennedy.  By looking at Kennedy’s prior positions, it seems very likely he will rule that Obamacare is unconstitutional due to the individual mandate.

#8 – Over 1000 Waivers Granted to Unions and Other FOO’s

Health and Human Services has granted over 1000 waivers covering millions of members of unions and other Friends of Obama (FOO’s).  Everyone already knows how the unions purchased their influence over the President with their donations and active campaign support.   However other FOO’s who were granted waivers include companies where  officers and directors were major donors to Obama (Crate and Barrel, MJ Soffe,  MVP Healthcare, Sieben Polk Law Firm, Alfred P Sloan  & GC Harvesting, Inc. to name just a few).   Although this is scandalous on its own, the real scandal will be when HHS is forced to reveal who is receiving waiver rejections.  Don’t be surprised when the rejection list includes many organizations where members were donors to conservative causes.

The more and more we understand about Obamacare it becomes abundantly clear that not only did the legislators avoid reading the bill but they also didn’t bother using a calculator.

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2 Responses to Obamacare – 8 Metrics They Don’t Want You to Know

  1. Lawrence Brown says:

    I totally agree with everything stated. I tried to inform some seniors in my group and some called me crazy. Government would not hurt seniors in America. In January these same people were crying that their supplement insurance doubled. It just shows that some wont get it until its too late. Some said they hadto drop supplement as they could not afford anymore. My supplement went up over 100 percent. Thanks Obama for nothing. It will only get worse as we go forward. It has to stop ASAP or the seniors will start dying for lack of care under OBAMA CARE

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